Battery recycling containers

Spent batteries cannot be disposed with solid waste. They must be collected separately and delivered to local drop-off centres. If not collected and treated correctly, the materials contained in spent batteries cause serious pollution of the environment.


The disposal of spent batteries, on the other hand, makes it possible to recover and recycle plastic and iron materials, zinc, magnesium oxide, lead and tin. Over 300 kg of zinc and 250 kg of iron and nickel can be recovered every year.


URBA BATTERY is produced with recycled polypropylene, PSV (Second-Life Plastic) certified, from Separate Waste Collection, resistant to UV rays, chemical and biological agents and to severe weather.


The snap-lock lid is flat, so containers can be piled up.

The aperture, available in different shapes and types, is selective and revolving, to insert the batteries.


The body base is easy to stack with its truncated pyramid shape.

One-hand easy grip ergonomic design.


The handle is on the back.

Possibility of custom printing on the front flat side.

Optional equipment

  • Hot stamping customization
  • Personalized CYMK in-mould labelling
  • Non-standard colours
  • Available in the PROTECT version.

Available versions

URBA battery

URBA BATTERY is the container designed for the disposal of used and spent batteries.

Stackable, space-saving, ergonomic and user-friendly, it can be moved with only one hand; easy to place in an office, a shop or in highly crowded places such as shopping centers and public offices.

URBA BATTERY, like other products of the URBA line, can be customized with front in-mould labelling.

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