App for the management of home composting

The advantages of home composting are the reduction of the amount of waste and the possibility to create a natural and sustainable fertilizer for gardens and flowers, while lowering handling costs and expenses.

While composting is relatively easy, it is necessary to do it right, with the help of the right composter and the guidance of those who make ecological waste management their raison d’être.



Application created for users and administrations. It improves the management of home composting, enables to monitor the composting database and to communicate effectively with users.

Functionalities for utilities

  • remotely managing and monitoring the composting register
  • identifying the owner of the composter
  • getting real-time data and feedback
  • communication with citizens
  • administration of personalized questionnaires
  • calculation of saved CO2

Functionalities for citizens

  • assembly manuals of the HORTO composter
  • guide to composting
  • section “Where does it go?” to be sure what to put in the composter
  • calculation of saved CO2 thanks to composting
  • infographic on the personal environmental contribution compared to the average of the municipality
  • ecotips, notifications with small ecological tips to increase positive, ecological actions

CompostUP is available on Google Play and App Store.

Available versions



CompostUP is an application that provides digital manuals and guides, advice, databases and statistics, enabling to calculate the environmental contribution made by composters. A concrete action to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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