Road stations for separate waste collection

Our work, together with a constant learning of new and cutting-edge skills in providing solutions for ecology, has allowed us to develop computerized systems to monitor and support the separate collection service, even outside the collection calendars or in those cases where the door-to-door collection is not available.


The ArcoSTATION and MiniArcoSTATION systems are the practical solution to all the problems on waste collection on defined days and times: a recycling area that integrates the door-to-door model, where users can freely confer waste.

The automated stations with controlled opening hatches:

  • provide access to users through an identification with a specific card or the health card of the citizen
  • are easy to install and move, eliminating the normal infrastructure costs of underground solutions
  • have a competitive management cost, since the emptying of the containers is carried out by refuse collection vehicles
  • allow online monitoring of how citizens use them

The stations can be independent in terms of energy supply, in the Green Power mode, and they transmit to the ArcoCLOUD web portal the data relating to the disposals.


  • The design is customizable, for a lower impact in the urban landscape
  • It is not necessary to provide additional identification cards, keys or other user access devices; it is possible to access the service with the national Health Card
  • They are built in anti-corrosion powder coated metal sheet and stainless steel
  • The memory allows to check over 100,000 disposals and 500,000 codes in white list (the lists can be used only in specific periods)
  • Connectivity: 4G
  • RFID proximity reader: 125 kHz
  • GPRS connection to the web portal for remote monitoring
  • Remote users enabling and disabling
  • Disposals statistics

Optional equipment

  • video surveillance system
  • fire safety system
  • integrated photovoltaic system
  • volumetric hatches


Available versions


ArcoSTATION is an automated station with controlled opening of the hatches, and identification of users through a special card or the health card.

  • Up to 8 internal disposal hatches
  • Containers capacity: 1,100 litres


The MiniArcoSTATION, together with the ArcoSTATION, is the controlled access recycling compact solution.

Users are identified by reading the tax code on the health card and/or on other types of RFID card (Mifare, 125 kHz, UHF); the choice of the material to dispose is managed through an intuitive multilingual touch screen interface.

MiniArcoSTATION can house two 1,100 litre containers, to be used for two different types of waste; with filling level sensor. It is equipped with two disposal hatches.

MiniArcoStation can be connected to the electrical grid, to the public lighting system (with buffer batteries for daytime hours), or to an independent photovoltaic system.

  • Minimum 2 internal disposal hatches
  • Containers capacity: 1,100 litres

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