Container tracking

A simple system to monitor containers and to quickly find them on the map. 

To localize them there are several tools: today we present you Arco40EVO-SC. 

The containers are located thanks to the controller installed on board the vehicle. The UHF antenna of the controller detects the GPS position and the identification tags installed on the containers. Tracking takes place completely automatically. 

The controller and its antenna are easily installed on the vehicles and perform the following functions: 

  • Remotely read the containers’ tag  
  • It transmits data and geographical coordinates to the control centre 

The system uses passive TAGs, therefore without batteries or other energy sources. 

The data coming from the controller are sent to the web portal which will show the updated positions on Google Maps.  The operators will be able to access online the portal with their personal account without downloading any applications.  The search for containers is based on the registry data: serial number, size, capacity, type of waste, date of purchase, latest maintenance. Each container It will also show the history of movements.