Separate waste collection


The goal of separate waste collection is to recycle/reuse materials, for example plastic, glass, paper, but also to reduce the amount of refuse generated by citizens, especially as regards the residual fraction.
To achieve this goal it is essential to implement a widespread system to enable citizens to correctly separate waste and the utility to control how it is done.

Tarip or Tari puntuale (the PAYT pricing) is a waste tariff calculation system that depends on to real production. It consists of a fixed rate, calculated on the basis of the surface area of the property and the household members, and a variable rate that depends on the number of emptyings of residual waste. Users can save thanks to a limited number of emptyings and therefore the generation of solid waste.

An efficient door-to-door system allows you to optimize costs throughout the waste cycle, from generation to disposal.

Separate waste collection

Association of TAGs with users

If decreasing the total amount of generated waste is the goal, the door-to-door collection system is the solution: a system to create a unique connection between the users and their containers or emptyings.

When users receive recycling containers and bags, their personal data are associated to the unique TAG of the containers, through a specially developed application (ArcoSTART MIP). The result of the matching process is the working database for subsequent management and analysis.

The containers distribution system has the aim of monitoring and improving the door-to-door system and its results, and to remotely supervise collection.

Sartori Ambiente products for the management of separate waste collection for citizens

Collection services

The waste sorting activity is constantly updated to keep a high quality. This can happen by accurately measuring certain specifications, such as the amount of generated waste and for which fractions, where the most waste is generated, when it is collected.

At each emptying, the Arco40 EVO, Arco20 and ArcoBEAT systems detect this and other information, such as the emptying, and communicate it to our web portal, which will then process the data and make them available for integration with the PAYT management software and create an accurate database of quantities, emptying, fractions, etc.

Sartori Ambiente products for door-to-door systems management

  • Rfid detection system Arco40EVO
  • TAG readers and portable device to collect data from ArcoBEAT
  • ArcoWEB
  • Database and REST API interface for data export

Beyond door-to-door collection

Door-to-door service is carried out defining a schedule for placing outside the waste that will later be collected at a certain time. Outside of such time slots, nothing remains on the street. To solve some critical issues, however, it is possible to define dedicated solutions, install road stations control access to collection points, and consequently the generation of waste even outside the established hours.

The integration of door-to-door service, collection points and road stations allows for a significant reduction in waste dumping.

Sartori Ambiente products for the integration of the door-to-door service

Business solutions

Business users have different needs and specificities than domestic users. They often have special waste and larger quantities. Furthermore, not all generated waste can be collected by the municipal service.

The door-to-door system detects any anomalies, helping reduce the generation of waste that affect the municipality. Adapting the service needs to users’ needs allows to better manage also such businesses.

Sartori Ambiente products for businesses:

Organic waste and composters register

Those who activate home composting in place of the door-to-door waste collection service, are included in the composting register. In this case, the management of the organic fraction is no longer responsibility of the utility or the municipality, but of citizens themselves, who receive a discount on the waste tariff.

It is therefore very important to have a system that can integrate users choosing a home composting, distributing composters and a dedicated application, and users choosing the door-to-door collection service, through the distribution of containers.

Sartori Ambiente products for the collection of organic waste

  • Domestic composter
  • Educational composter
  • Organic waste perforated container STELO
  • Organic waste perforated container URBA
  • CompostUP
  • CompoSTART


To avoid waste dumping or the use of uncontrolled stations in a neighbouring municipality, it is necessary to create a widespread network at a higher level which, through the activation of the door-to-door system, guarantees a better quality of separate waste collection.

An extended quality service enables to reach excellent results in separate waste collection, both in terms of quantity but above all of quality.

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