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Separate collection in businesses

Separate collection is important at home as well as at work, in an office or in public places. An office, a shopping centre, a port and an airport need to manage the waste produced within the building. A good organization and management of the separate collection in the workplace… Read More

Used vegetable oil collection

Used vegetable oil is highly polluting for the environment. Its combustion produces toxic substances and if in contact with water, for example when thrown into the household drains, it creates a micro barrier that reduces or prevents the intake of nutrients and oxygen by flora and fauna. At present, it… Read More

Organic waste management

The organic fraction represents more than 30% of the waste generated daily. This fraction must be correctly managed by utilities, through a suitable and effective collection service, or by users, with home composting. Composting makes it even easier to play… Read More

Separate waste collection

The goal of separate waste collection is to recycle/reuse materials, for example plastic, glass, paper, but also to reduce the amount of refuse generated by citizens, especially as regards the residual fraction. To achieve this goal it is essential to implement a widespread system to enable citizens to correctly… Read More

PAYT pricing

PAYT pricing is a system based on the control on waste generation by means of an innovative system. Supplying containers to users and software to administrations or utilities allows to reduce the real generation of waste, supporting virtuous behaviour in citizens, and… Read More