Ethical manifesto

Our identity is grounded on consistent values, choices and actions.
Our motivation has always been based on ethical principles that drive our daily activities, our projects and professional relationships.
To bring them together we have created our Manifesto, which confirms who we are and how we feel about what we do.

Protecting the environment is our main task

Having a clean world is the desire that motivates all our actions

Offering specific solutions, so that everyone can take care of the environment, is our contribution

Sharing our principles and goals with collaborators and customers is one of our ways to generate an environmental culture

Through research and innovation we develop specific solutions to each place and situation

Networking and activating correct information are necessary to develop a global, virtuous mindset

Promoting actions of support, inclusion and intergenerational equity is our treasure. Promoting dialogue about gender, religion, ethnicity and culture leads to a personal and professional exchange and to a growth in values that we always pursue

Promoting social sustainability, taking care of the well-being of workers and of those using our devices, because the human side of each procedure has a crucial role in our projects