PAYT is a system based on the control on waste generation by means of an innovative system.

Supplying containers to users and software to administrations or utilities allows to reduce the real generation of waste, supporting virtuous behaviour in citizens, and to apply a fair tariff based on the real quantity of waste generated.


Containers for separate waste collection

The door-to-door collection system requires specific containers, previously supplied to users, to have a better management and to encourage good habits. With right containers, always tidy and easy to clean, individuals commitment becomes easier and beneficial.

URBA and URBA PLUS recycling containers lines are perfect to be placed in any space in the house, both indoors and outdoors, and facilitate waste disposal. Our goal is to provide users with equipment that is comfortable to use so that separate collection becomes a daily habit. They are produced with recycled polypropylene, PSV “Second Life Plastic” certified, resistant to UV rays and chemical and biological agents and to severe weather, therefore they are safe and easy to clean.

Sartori Ambiente products for separate waste collection

Distribution of containers

The correct distribution of the containers and their association to users allows a significantly better PAYT management, as a real and reliable database in created. 

ArcoSTART MIP is the innovative system designed to associate user and containers during the distribution of containers/bags, which are identified by a unique code.

Sartori Ambiente systems for containers distribution

  • ArcoSTART for unique association of containers and bags to users

Tag reading

Connecting the unique TAGs on all our equipped containers and users allows a quick and precise reading.

TAGs are passive transponders, without a battery, which during the production of the container is set up with a unique code, and associated with each user during the distribution of the equipment. The code may contain information relating to the utility, the municipality, the fraction of waste collected and the volume of the container on which it is applied. TAGs are automatically detected by the Arco40 EVO and ArcoBEAT systems during the normal collection service.

Sartori Ambiente tools for tags reading

Waste collection points

In cities or tourist areas it may happen that users are unable to deposit their refusal on the day scheduled for collection. The same applies to types of waste that cannot be disposed otherwise, such as nappies, diapers, bulky waste, etc.

This can create difficulties, and disaffection towards the door-to-door collection system, which guarantees the best percentage of separate collection. We have therefore created a system of specific collection points with disposal control.

Sartori Ambiente collection points

  • ArcoSTATION are automated recycling areas supplementing the door-to-door model, for the disposal of waste through individualidentification with a special card or health card.
  • ArcoPOINT is the compact solution for the disposal of special waste such as nappies and other sanitary fabrics, outside collection hours.
  • ArcoGATE is the terminal to control the access of citizens to drop-off centres with barriers, photocells and traffic lights.

Digital composting - for the control and management of composting

Independently generated and managed refuse can be quantified even in the case of home composting, by means of a simple and intuitive application that can be used by the utility, to monitor the composting database and communicate with users, and by citizens, to autonomously manage composting.

Digital composting available tools

For users

  • Compost bin assembly manual
  • Guide to composting

For utilities

  • Remote management of the composting register with real-time data and feedback
  • Direct communication with citizens
  • Custom graphic design
  • Use of pre-existing personal data

A fair and proportionate tariff

A separate collection system based on individuals, where users are connected to the waste produced and data monitoring is constant and safe: this allows to create a fair tariff, proportional to the real waste generation.

In addition, the GPS system installed on individual vehicles makes it possible to detect their position, the different service/transfer/stop times (stop, pause), collection/emptying of containers, information from on-board sensors and the kilometres travelled, and to plan the collection route more accurately and efficiently.

Sartori Ambiente tools for data monitoring

  • Data management software
  • Vehicle system Arco40 EVO for reading and sending data
  • iButton reader for vehicle identification

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