Design built around citizens

The Municipality of Cairo Montenotte is one of Liguria’s most virtuous municipalities in separate waste management.

The home collection system was activated in 2014 throughout the territory, with a now stable percentage of separate collection above 80%.

Intervention: ArcoPOINT upgrade
Location: Cairo Montenotte, Savona (IT)
Year: 2023

Municipal Administrations have always worked through the years to improve the service, listening to their citizens.

Separate collection in 2014
Separate collection in 2023

Initial situation

  • By 2022, the entire territory, including the old town, was served by the home collection system
  • The old town has very limited space to dispose containers that must be then managed by waste operators


  • Finding an alternative to organic waste home collection in the old town
  • Citizen’s involvement and awareness raising in separate waste collection
  • Preserve the achieved results


For 95% of the population of Cairo Montenotte Municipality, the choice has fallen on the door-to-door collection system. The remaining 5% (700 users) uses a mixed system: home collection for paper and cardboard, plastic packaging, glass, cans and residual waste, and street collection with controlled delivery for organic waste.

Sartori Ambiente has supplied:

  • 6 ArcoPOINT stations for organic waste collection. The stations are equipped with a user recognition system that works with national health cards


The three objectives set by the project were very clear, and all three have been achieved.

Separate collection has maintained the quality and quantity standards of the Municipality of Cairo Montenotte, and the old town was provided with a more appropriate management in this small but crucial area.

The ArcoPOINT chosen by the Administration provides for a manual opening:

  • Step 1, card recognition
  • Step 2, raise the lever to open the hatch

Administration and Technical Offices continued to listen and interact with the population, and a few weeks after installation some users reported difficulties in accessing ArcoPOINT containers, due to the lever.

Sartori Ambiente has decided to work on the design of ArcoPOINT and to reverse the lever movement.

This change was implemented in the Municipality of Cairo Montenotte, and will now be an integral part of this model.


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