Organic waste management


The organic fraction represents more than 30% of the waste generated daily. This fraction must be correctly managed by utilities, through a suitable and effective collection service, or by users, with home composting.

Composting makes it even easier to play a role in protecting the environment, in reducing waste and in decreasing management costs for the municipality or the utility.

Organic waste management

Collection of the organic fraction

In Italy, the organic fraction managed by utilities has been steadily increasing in recent years (ISPRA Urban Waste Report, 2019). It is therefore important that an even higher percentage of such waste is managed directly by users, when possible, through home composting. When a household does not have a composter, or a (vegetable) garden, it is not possible to do so, and it is therefore essential to separate it and have it collected by the authorized utility.

What is the role of municipalities and utilities?

When the utility collects the organic fraction, which must be transported to a suitable composting plant, the costs for collection, transport and treatment are included in the waste tariff. 

Utilities must also supply users with suitable containers. The STELO and URBA containers are produced with recycled polypropylene, PSV (Second-Life Plastic) certified, from Separate Waste Collection, resistant to UV rays, chemical and biological agents and to severe weather. Space-saving, easy to place even in the space under the sink and easy to clean; these containers, in the closed or aerated versions, are perfect for door-to-door collection.

Sartori Ambiente products for organic waste management

Home composting

Domestic organic waste and vegetation are almost always convertible into a precious resource. Producing compost at home is a natural solution to manage organic waste from the kitchen or garden, and to reduce the costs of collection and disposal for the municipality or the utility. 

If users have the possibility to choose the composter, utilities can take care of the distribution. ArcoSTART makes this operation easier and faster.

  • Users go to the warehouse, collect their composter (the package is easy to carry) and are associated with it via a QR code.
  • Users can also conveniently receive a STELO home container, useful to move waste to the composter.
  • Users are therefore independent in managing all the organic fraction, with significant savings as the utility will have a very much reduced amount of waste to collected.

How can I compost?

Composting is simple, but for beginners it can be useful to have support both in the initial stages and over time. The Junker APP allows you to find instructions for assembly through the “Composting Manual“, allows you to get information with the “Composting Guide” and allows you to manage the composting register, with the composting register.

Where shall I place the composter?

One of the essential steps in composting is to place the container correctly and in the right place. Once users get home with their composter, they can connect to the app and follow the instructions.

Sartori Ambiente products to manage home composting

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