Containers distribution

One of the most important innovations among our projects is the drive to ensure a correct distribution of containers and to connect them to user data to obtain a real and reliable database.


The containers distribution system has the following aims:

  • management of the first distribution and subsequent maintenance of the containers
  • digitization of activities, which guarantees the possibility of remote monitoring each phase of the delivery
  • automatic reporting from an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) perspective. ESG criteria are used to evaluate the virtuous behaviours of a company in the environmental, social and governance fields. ArcoSTART MIP, and more generally the ArcoSMART project, perfectly integrates in this perspective by providing environmental information based on punctual, reliable and updated data; all these, help implementing actions to reduce waste generation
  • improvement of the distribution data quality, as it drastically decreases error probability, which is inevitable in a distribution process on paper

The correct distribution of the containers allows an improved management of Pay as you throw pricing, in which:

  • emptying control activities are always digitized and punctual
  • emptying of containers conferred to single businesses are always recorded; the tariff is based on actual waste production and is therefore more equitable
  • it is possible to monitor the reduction of the generated solid waste
  • better and more thorough communication of the sustainability goals achieved by users and the community



ArcoSTART is the innovative system designed to associate user and containers during the distribution of containers/bags, which are identified by a unique code.

The ArcoSTART system can be used with all our containers equipped with TAG. It can also help in the management of the distribution of containers/bags that are NOT identified by a unique code; in this case the data will indicate the types and quantities of containers/bags delivered to each user.

Available versions


Generation of the user database

Using an application specifically developed for data association, ArcoSTART generates a database that matches users’ data to the codes of the container.

The labels are scanned with a barcode reader, preventing errors during the data connection. The data are sent via Bluetooth to a mobile device (usually a tablet), or to a PC. A tablet improves practical management of door-to-door deliveries and of the user’s signature. The user code-container/bag code connection data can then be imported into the pricing software used by the municipality and later used for a correct PAYT pricing.

The application has been developed to perform several functions:

  • Users management
  • Containers management
  • Event creation
  • Data export
  • Mail merge
  • Console

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