Access to collection facilities

Managing accesses to collection facilities – ArcoGATE

Facilitating and monitoring access to collection centres is important to support correct user behaviour, to have a detailed monitoring and to simplify the work of operators. From this view we created an innovative and immediate solution to manage users flow.



The municipal collection facility is a key element of the waste collection system. The ArcoGATE terminal enables and controls citizens access, managing barriers, photocells or traffic lights.

The automated system for accessing the recycling area is designed for:

  • user identification with card
  • right of access confirmation
  • count of vehicles within the area
  • management of the maximum number of simultaneous users

The ArcoCLOUD web platform supplies real-time information about usage data to:

  • acquire the list of users with access rights and create a white list
  • send real-time login information

Available versions



ArcoGATE is a vehicle access control terminal with user interface consisting of:

  • magnetic stripe reader with health card or specific card for user identification
  • 125 kHz RFID reader
  • 4 line LCD display to indicate the operations still to be performed
  • GPRS connection to the ArcoCLOUD platform for remote control with enabling and disabling users function

The terminal is also equipped with an electronic control board for barrier, photocells, user interface and traffic light.

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