Nowadays there are many ways to reduce the production of waste, we just need to put them into practice and change our habits.

To correctly and easily separate waste, Sartori Ambiente created a container that is suitable for schools, offices, and also hospitals. These peculiar places are crowded and have many different users that need to correctly separate waste. The goal was to design a container suitable for all of them.

DeltaLIGHT has different heights that allow to choose the most suitable capacity but also to create a dedicated area where all containers are easily associated with the type of waste.

Thanks to its cardboard FSC certified and its cover produced with recycled plastic, DeltaLIGHT has a very low environmental impact.

If you are thinking of implementing the waste collection here’s some useful information:

  • There are four different capacities: 15,19,23 27 litre.
  • Their names are DeltaLIGHT 400, DeltaLIGHT 500, DeltaLIGHT 600, DeltaLIGHT 700
  • We can supply plastic bags for all the models
  • We can also supply compostable bags for DeltaLIGHT 400 and DeltaLIGHT 500

DeltaLIGHT can also be equipped with TAG UHF and so be a valid solution for the management of indoor waste improving the quality and reducing the production.

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