Introducing a new entry of the company

Hi Arina, and welcome to our team!
Tell us how you ended up in Trentino and why you chose Sartori Ambiente.

I am Arina Olkhovska and I arrived in Italy 2 years ago and (as many other foreigners, I believe) I chose Trentino for its gorgeous nature.

Nature in such a populated place can only be beautiful if it is cared for by its society, with environmentally conscious choices that include recycling. I wanted to be a part of this company and give my contribution, and for this reason I was very happy to start working at Sartori Ambiente.

I know that here I am surrounded by people who are passionate about ecology and circular economy, who create the best products on the containers market, and the technological solutions on which my work will focus. My previous job as manager in the company that provides software development services gave me the right experience in technology to be applied in the very important field of ecology.

And lastly, I can work part-time, which allows me to be more flexible in my daily life.

Why don’t you tell us something about yourself?

I really enjoy being outside – walking in the city, hiking in the mountains, camping, skiing – and playing. I love board games, and some video games.

I am passionate about poetry and languages; I am very happy to study Italian and I thank already my colleagues for the help they will give me on this

Thank you, Arina.
We wish our Account Manager | Business Unit Technology…Good luck with her new job!