The Italian example: Minimum Environmental Criteria

The latest version of Minimum Environmental Criteria – published at the end of 2022 – will be used by the authorities for waste management.  

The new criteria will replace the existing ones and their contents will be compulsorily in all the tenders.  

As far as our business is concerned, there are some important news:  

Waste Containers and bags

Analysing the criteria, it is clear that in addition to being compliant with the relevant standards, they must be compatible with devices that can allow the identification of users.  

In addition, they will have to follow these sustainable parameters:  

Domestic waste containers,  

  • Black/grey body with 70% by weight of certified recycled plastic  
  • coloured lid with 30% by weight of certified recycled plastic  

Kitchen caddy, 

  • 90% by weight of certified recycled plastic  
  • Aerated slots on the bottom  
  • fins and other systems to keep the bag raised  
  • volume >10l  


  • 80% by weight of certified recycled plastic  
  • aerated system and bottomless  
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Progressive numbering 

 Identification elements for waste containers and bags  

The criteria state that the lids must be in standard colours according to the indications contained in UNI 11686: 2017 Waste Visual Elements. 

They must be equipped with an identification code or device in order to uniquely identify the container itself and the Manager.   

In addition, on waste containers and bags there must be indicated the managers website or a QR Code that can help in case of doubts on the waste management service