Valle Sabbia: Arco Point and sanitary textiles

SAE Valle Sabbia srl is the company of the Comunità Montana di Valle Sabbia that deals with energy management and, since 2018, with the waste service.

In mid-2018, Altares – the technological division of Sartori Ambiente – installed 34 ArcoPOINT controlled transfer stations reserved exclusively for the collection of sanitary textile waste.

In 2019, an initial analysis of the data from the stations was carried out with the aim of measuring the performance of the system.  The analysis showed that the service was very well taken up: on average, more than 50% of the accredited users conferred regularly, with peaks of more than 80%.

As far as active users are concerned, the usage data show an average of 1.64 deliveries per week.

The controlled delivery points for sanitary textiles were distributed according to the number of residents and the territorial conformation of each municipality.

In the most densely populated municipality, each point covers a catchment area of approximately 2,000 residents, i.e. 162 users entitled to receive waste.

Analyses carried out in 2021 on the same sample of municipalities confirmed the initial percentages of adherence to the service, which are still between 50% and 80%.