ABC Latina

Last month, ABC Latina – in collaboration with the University of Trento, Sartori Ambiente and Junker – has launched a survey in order to understand how the population of Latina evaluates the new waste collection service. 

The survey participation was excellent especially in comparison to similar surveys carried out in other Italian locations. The most interesting aspect is the quantity and quality of comments and opinions received on some specific issues. On one hand, the citizens have practical needs such as a different frequency of collection and greater ease of communication with the operators. On the other hand, a considerable interest in receiving information on the waste cycle and the advantages of separate collection. There is therefore a need to guarantee citizens information and feedback that give coherence to their actions. Giving value to their action will therefore facilitate their maintenance. So, it is important to know that the daily commitment leads to a tangible benefit for both citizens and the community as well as for the environment as a whole. 

Therefore, it will be guaranteed constant information channel through the Junker app – already downloaded by thousands of citizens in Latina – where the index of separate waste collection, the quantities of material recycled, the plants where this takes place and the revenues from the sale, will be published periodically.  

In the programs of ABC, the University of Trento, Sartori Ambiente and Junker there is also to develop an experimental project to study how to use social norms to facilitate separate collection. Methods will be identified that reward those who recycles well, proving that the ABC understands citizens’ requests and implements actions consistent with them. The communication will therefore be the guidelines of the action of ABC Latina. Waste collection must become an integral part of life in the city and contribute to the quality of life of those who live there.