The Collection Centres are indispensable for the optimal management of waste. 

These facilities are essential to manage a range of particular waste produced by the users. 

Access to the Collection Centres can be managed through complete automation. 

ArcoGATE enables and controls user access, also managing the number of users within the Collection Centre.  All data can always be consulted through the dedicated web portal, allowing this waste flow to be managed in the best and most synergic way. The system can be customised to the customer’s needs and integrated with existing IT systems. 

An example is the ArcoGATE set up at the ASM Vigevano Collection Centre: in addition of the above-mentioned functionalities it has the verification of the type of incoming vehicle. In this way ASM Vigevano has the input data for cars, vans or trucks and can analyse the flows and check any anomalies in an automated way. 

More information: ArcoGATE