Ergonomic UrbaPLUS

Our UrbaPLUS has obtained the Ergonomics Certification!

The Certification Authority, after receiving our products, carried out the necessary tests to issue the qualification.
The process has followed specific steps covering three areas, namely:

  1. Polytechnical, which provides for the examination of the standards and scientific literature of the sector;
  2. Biomedical, with instrumental analyses aimed at verifying the absence/reduction of inadequate postures;
  3. User experience, analysed through specific usability tests.

To achieve the certification, UrbaPLUS containers had to comply with these three areas requirements.
While the first area concerns compliance with the general ergonomics requirements – according to the UNI EN ISO 26800:2011 standard –, the purpose of the second is to limit the possible biomechanical overload while using the product, according to three specific standards:

  • lifting and carrying (ISO 11228-1),
  • pushing-pulling (ISO 11228-2),
  • working postures (ISO 11226),
  • repetitive work tasks in handling low loads (11228-3).

Finally, usability tests were carried out using Efficacy, Efficiency and User Satisfaction indicators (ISO 9241-11:2018 – ISO/TR 16982:2020).
The journey considered the main subjects interacting with the container: users and collectors. In the process, they analysed the movements made, considering the different specific weights of the produced waste, the different heights of users, and how users dispose the containers.

The UrbaPLUS line was assigned the 3 stars Ergonomics certificate – on a 1 to 4 stars levels scale – which confirms the constant commitment of Sartori Ambiente in putting people at the heart of its choices.