In Latina we collaborate for the environment

In Latina we collaborate for the environment
Nudge theory applied to the world of waste

Tuesday, 7th from 3.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m.
Hall D4 – Conference Area

NUDGE, a new word for many, and yet, once its meaning and potential contribution are understood, it can help in several areas, including waste.

This word has been integrated in Sartori Ambiente, and thanks to the combined efforts of our company, the University of Trento and ABC Latina we have created a specific and very fruitful project that we proudly present.

  • Lara Bini – Sales Manager North West Italy | Sartori Ambiente, How the project came to life and its goals
  • Noemi De Santis – Co-founder of Junker APP | Junker, User Engagement
  • Gustavo Giorgi – President | ABC Latina, Presenting ABC Latina
  • Silvio Ascoli – Director | ABC Latina, The specific case of Latina
  • Federica Stablum – PhD student in Cognitive Science | University of Trento, Project results
  • Matilde Celentano – Mayor | Municipality of Latina, A greeting from the Municipality leading the project

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