Leaving for holiday? Don’t forget about the environment!

Here we are.  August is just around the corner and a lot of families are ready to leave for holidays.

Relax and fun will be the new daily routine.  But what about the environment, the waste collection, and the climate crisis?  These topics should be part of our holiday in a clear and funny way!

But how can we do it? For example, you can visit the waste collection centre and understand how it works. There, you may find ArcoGATE: our solution to mange the accesses.

Then – even on holiday – we must reduce the production of waste. How? There are several zero-waste stores where you can buy bulk food or rent dishes for a picnic.

Less production of waste means also – along with many other advantages – smaller waste containers in the cities, just like ours!

Last but not least, on holiday we have to be inform on how the collection of waste works. We suggest checking out the city website or any available smartphone app – have you ever heard about Junker?

Enjoy your holiday!

P.S. What about the climate crisis? We recommend reading “La crisi climatica esiste e non è un unicorno” by Alterales