Domestic organic waste is almost always convertible into a precious resource, thus playing a role in protecting the environment and reducing waste. Producing compost at home is a practical and natural solution to manage organic waste from the kitchen and the garden. It contributes to activate a virtuous circle and produce excellent fertilizers.


Home composting

With the home garden composter you will actively handle garden cuttings, vegetable waste and food scraps that are generated every day.

A garden composter has significant advantages:

  • It allows to reduce our environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste
  • It allows us to reduce the purchase of chemical fertilizers with a significant benefit for our health, as it is able to produce a sufficient amount of excellent compost
  • Composters capacities vary between 200 and 1000 litres to adapt to different needs
  • For a family of 3/4 people with a small garden, the most suitable is the 300 litre composter

The aerated Horto composters line is designed to reproduce the natural cycle: from the compost, to the soil and then to the atmosphere. The material used maintains adequate thermal insulation and the right degree of humidity necessary for the generation of compost, and it protects from atmospheric agents.

Managing compostable organic waste at home is even more effective and simple thanks to the instructions and the composting manual that can be downloaded from the CompostUP application.


The Horto composters are entirely made of recycled and recyclable polyethylene, coming from selected post-consumer waste and certified “PSV – Second Life Plastic”.


The lid is large and fixed by means of solid hinges.


The body is the heart of the Horto garden composter and it allows for proper composting.

  • It has a practical modular structure hinged by means of self-cleaning rods
  • The 6-10 mm foamed, thermal walls are produced without chemical foaming agents
  • Structured walls are provided with aeration holes and conveyors to ensure excellent ventilation and correct humidity regulation
  • The body outline is designed to avoid rainwater infiltration from the aeration holes
  • The walls can be totally opened
  • The material guarantees excellent resistance to bad weather and chemicals
  • The shape facilitates storage, transport and assembly

Optional equipment

  • some CompostUp modules are fully customizable on request, according to the needs of the territory

Available versions

Horto 200-300-400

The small and medium-sized composters, Horto 200, 300 and 400, are perfect for organic waste and composting in private homes and gardens of small and medium-sized households.

Horto 700-1000

The large composters Horto 700 and 1000 are perfect for organic waste and composting in medium and large private homes and gardens, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses and companies, albeit with limited space needs.

HortoDuo 600-800

The HortoDUO garden composter, with the addition of an extension module, doubles the volume of the Horto300 and Horto400 composters, in case of new composting needs, for medium and large volumes of organic waste.


Educational composter

Transforming waste into precious nourishment for a vegetable garden is an important and exciting educational experience, which leads new generations to approach urban waste and its management in a new way, for a new awareness and a renewed social responsibility.

Talking about home composting from an educational point of view is essential, and it first of all means addressing the issue of urban waste generated daily at home.

Teaching children to respect, take care of and value the environment around them is essential to grow socially responsible adults, who will be aware and able to choose. Involving children often generates an added value: contact with families, guiding adults who are not very sensitive to environmental issues to slowly change their habits.

The experience of composting as a biological process is rich in educational and scientific implications, which give the school a key role in the development of a collective consciousness.

Educational composters are the perfect tools for teaching how composting works: a 200 l composter that also allows children to watch what happens inside it, and of an area with 3/7 panels to create a vegetable garden.

Assembly instructions are included, as well as illustrated manuals for home composting.

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