Accessories for wheeled containers

Among the tools available for carrying out separate collection, wheeled containers offer a solution for handling both commercial and domestic users.  

In order to find a functional solution, we have developed a number of accessories:  

  • MGB Protect, a handle cover suitable for 120 lt. and 240 lt. containers to protect the handles from bacteria. 
  • ArcoFILL, the ultrasonic filling sensor to remotely control the container filling level, temperature and location.  
  • TAG RFID, passive transponder to associate the user with the container and ensure a correct waste collection charge. 
  • ArcoCLIK, the lock that opens thanks to an application and allows access. In addition to recording the number of emptyings, it allows the user to report malfunctions directly from the application. – COMING SOON 

The attention to the environment is a fundamental part of all our decisions: this is why we try to promote containers with grey body and coloured lid, to allow a higher use of recycled plastic in the production. 

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