Christmas comes but once a year: does it?

Here we are again: December is just around the corner, despite the climate crisis not allowing to wear the appropriate clothing for the season.

The most joyful month of the year comes with all its contradictions.

Our contribution is an attempt to change some of those “traditions” that have now become environmentally unsustainable.


We make them and we receive them. They come wrapped in beautiful, coloured papers, and we know right away that a part of what we receive will fill the paper, plastic and residual waste containers.

But we can transform tradition and make it more contemporary:

  • Do you read newspapers?
  • Do your online purchases arrive in cardboard boxes?
  • Do you love Japan?
  • Do you buy bread?

Well, then there are great possibilities to give a different form to our tradition. Do some digging on a search engine, you’ll be amazed of the solutions.

PS Once the gift is unwrapped, the waste goes here
PS Doubts about the right container to use? Check here



Talking about traditions, we should not leave out the most delicious topic: food! Christmas meals never get old and the traditional menus are passed on from generation to generation.

At Christmas, we put everything on the table…is it too much?

Even in this case, we could adapt our tradition to modern times: we have the possibility to afford any food on any day of the year. Therefore, when preparing our special menu, let’s try to pay attention to the quantity, avoiding food waste altogether.

This is no longer tolerated.

PS What about skins and scraps deriving from the preparation of your dishes? Put them here