Composting in Portofino

Are you interested in home composting and how to easily manage the composting register, whilst being a small company? Then attend our event, created together with our colleagues from Junker App.
Sponsored by Liguria Region and the Municipality of Portofino, the event will depict the new legislation of the Region for the management of the composting register and the technological solutions to implement it.
Next week, on Wednesday 28th February 2024, at 11 a.m. at the theatre of the Municipality of Portofino and online: “Domestic composting goes digital: legislation and technology come together to simplify the composting register management”.

  • Matteo Viacava and Giorgio D’Alia | Municipality of Portofino
  • Filippo Agazzi | Aprica
  • Cristina Lignana | Liguria Region
  • Sabrina Sicher| ARPAL
  • Lara Bini | Sartori Ambiente
  • Noemi De Santis | Junker app
  • Tiziana Merlino | AMIU Genoa

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