Nappy: the container for the separate collection of diapers

Diapers are about 4% of urban waste. This important percentage make us understand that this fraction must be managed in the best possible way.

First, we need to raise awareness in avoiding the production of diapers: for several years now, there are solutions that allow you to completely replace them with washable diapers.

Then, it’s all about the domestic management: if it’s not possible to switch to the washable ones, Nappy is a practical solution.  This container, in fact, is equipped with an odor filter and to ensure maximum hygiene it can be produce with an antimicrobial additive that prevents the growth of microorganisms on the surface.

To manage wider productions, there is also the wheeled containers equipped with an odor filter and Protect antimicrobial handles,

All our solutions can be customized and equipped with TAG UHF.

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