Once upon a time…

…there were a couple of books and podcasts, which we suggest you to read and listen to during your holidays.
We strongly believe in reading and sharing “our” books, so if you have any suggestion, please share it with us!



“Imagine that. Two hundred and sixty-two years. That’s the length of time you connect across. You’ll know the people who span this time. Your time is the time of the people you know and love, the time that moulds you. And your time is also the time of the people you will know and love. The time that you will shape. You can touch 262 years with your bare hands.”

On time and WaterAndri Snaer Magnason

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“Come on, check! Have you ever received a letter from me asking to become an activist who saves the planet?
Holy elf!!! Actually, no!”

The climate crisis existsAlterales

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