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The Totem is a steel structure created to manage our containers UrbaPLUS. It is made by modules of 3 containers and it can be fixed to the wall or anchored to the ground. Its shape is perfectly functional for street sweeping and washing. Read More


For the domestic collection of organic waste or to fill up the composter, Urba7EVO is the perfect closed, comfortable and resistant container. Finding a space in the kitchen in never been so simple thanks to its size. Handle, lid and body are available in the PROTECT version Its lid can be… Read More


Urba5EVO is the smallest closed container of Urba series. It is designed to easily collect the organic fraction of household waste. Its peculiar shape and its small size make it easy to place everywhere in the kitchen. Its lid can be completely closed, ventilated or equipped with a biofilter. Handle, lid and body are available in the PROTECT version. Read More

Electromechanical composter

Electromechanical composters are available in two main versions: Manual disposal system by the user or operator Disposal system by vehicles The first type has a load capacity from 5 t per year to 130 t per year; the second, from 20 t per year up to 130 t per year. Read More

Electromechanical composters

Community composting is simple and affordable for everyone, thanks to electromechanical composters it is possible to manage organic waste produced by citizens or non-domestic users on site. Read More

Polyethylene bags with TAG

Polyethylene bags equipped with TAG can be used for the collection of solid waste. This way it is possible to identify users and to correctly manage waste pricing. Read More

Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene bags – in some national and international contexts – are flexible and adaptable tools. They can be integrated in a separate collection system to manage critical or particular situations of a street, square or location. Read More

Polyethylene bags with UHF TAG

The bags are supplied with UHF tags to calculate PAYT (pay as you throw) pricing. Our equipment is verified in order to guarantee a 100% functioning of UHF tags. Optional equipment Custom graphic design… Read More


Caratteristiche tecniche: Balanced filling system with filling level detection Memory: over 100,000 disposals and 50,000 white list codes Possibility to remotely enable and disable users Connectivity: GPRS Display: 5″ Card reader: magnetic stripe reader RFID proximity reader: 125 kHz Disposal: 1 or 2 hatches… Read More


The integrated GPS system allows to: localize the vehicle check and calculate the different service, transfer and stop times (stops, pauses) check the collection and emptying of containers manage information from on-board sensors check vehicles mileage Vehicle data is then processed by the data management software and it can be… Read More