RFID readers and GPS detection

One of the key factors in all our projects is to ensure correct distribution of separate collection containers and to correctly connect them to user data to obtain a real and reliable database.

In order to exploit our products at their best, the starting point is to supply containers to users, and hardware and software to the managing authorities, to encourage good practices in citizens at the minimum cost.



The radio frequency identification (RFID) used by our systems is a technology for the remote automatic recognition and management of information. It is based on the storage of data in special passive electronic components (TAGs) activated near fixed and portable devices called readers. Unlike LF (low frequency) technology, it does not require contact for reading. This makes the operator’s work and the service faster and smoother.

The TAG is a passive transponder, without a battery, it is installed during the production of the container for separate collection, it has a unique code and it is then connected with each user during the distribution of the devices. This code may contain information relating to the utility, the user, the municipality, the collected fraction of waste, the volume of containers, etc.

UHF tag readers ensure that the door-to-door system achieves its goal of reducing the amount of generated waste: citizens are encouraged to recycle carefully as their waste tariff will be calculated on the basis of the waste they actually generate. Correct management of user-pay guarantees support for the policy of a constant and responsible increase in separate waste collection.


Devices and reading systems, georeferencing, storage and sending of data relating to the waste collection service:

  • allow to read the codes (UHF EPC Gen 2) installed on liners, caddies and wheeled containers
  • guarantee the local storage of over 100,000 readings
  • have 2G connectivity – Bluetooth 4.1
  • have a IP67 protection degree. The International Protection code is a parameter defined by the international IEC standard 60529 (IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission), which classifies and evaluates the degree of protection of mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. 67 indicates an enclosure that is totally resistant to the ingress of dust and protected from the ingress of water if immersed up to 1 meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Available versions


Reading system, georeferencing, storage and sending of data relating to the waste collection service. It allows to read codes (UHF EPC Gen 2) installed on bags, domestic and wheeled containers.

The system has been designed to be and easy-to-use tool, facilitating the normal emptying operations.

Arco40EVO is complete from a technological point of view and it strictly respects the current regulations. It complies with the Legislative Decree 20 April 2017 “Rules for the implementation of the PAYT taxation system by the Municipalities” and is ISO/IEC 15408 compliant (Common Criteria Certificate version 3.1).

  • Display: 5″
  • Membrane keyboard
  • Supported inclinometer sensor (not included)
  • Supported ultrasonic sensor (not included)
  • Supported proximity sensor (not included)
  • GPS and GPRS connectivity


Portable device for reading, georeferencing, storage and sending data relating to emptying. The device is provided with a band so that it can be used on the wrist.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 LE for data download on Arco40EVO controller
  • OLED display: monochrome 128×128
  • Membrane keyboard
  • High protection ABS case
  • User-friendly interface
  • Long-life 1800 mAh battery
  • GPS tracking
  • ARM CPU board
  • Removable band
  • MicroUSB plug-in charger


Devices and reading systems, georeferencing, storage and sending of data relating to the waste collection service. It can be installed on the rear of the vehicles or directly in the cab.

To read the TAGs, the controller works when coupled with the ArcoBEAT portable reader, from which it receives data through the Bluetooth low energy connection. The readings obtained by the ArcoBEAT reader are stored in the local memory of the device and sent to the server through the mobile connection.

  • Display: 2.8″ colour
  • RFID: connection via Bluetooth to ArcoBEAT devices (up to three for each unit) for reading TG UHF EPC Gen2

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