Reserved area

A few years ago, we asked ourselves a question: can we print less documents?  

The question arose from a simple analysis: each of our products has at least one technical sheet or more than one if we count the translated versions.  

Periodically, due to our constant work of innovation, these documents have been revised and updated.  

The old printed versions were useless and for us it represented an unacceptable waste. We always printed just the necessary copies but it was not enough.   

Therefore, over the course of 2021 we have decided to stop the printed production of information material and to create a reserved area where everyone can check and download all the technical sheets related to our solutions.  

Here’s the link: 

After completing the registration, you will receive the credentials on your email address.  

You can also login directly from our website. 

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to find in the reserved area, write to us!