Separate waste collection on holiday? ArcoSTATION can help you!

Separate waste collection can be differently managed from place to place.

During holidays, it is even more important to find the correct information and the rules about waste collection.

Some of our customers have introduced a specific collection system dedicated to tourists: ArcoSTATION, the automized station with controlled openings. In these cases, ArcoSTATION helps to easily manage different waste fractions without collide with the waste collection system used for city residents.  Thanks to an identification card tourists can access to the station and separate their waste.  The accesses are always allowed to offer a service 24/7.

ArcoSTATION can be customized: the management can choose design, power source, video surveillance, hatches dimensions and fractions.

If you want to find out more here you can find all the information sheet or if you prefer email us!