The digital composting

As we know, home composting is beneficial for several reasons,  

  • it reduces the amount of waste  
  • it is good for the garden and flowers  
  • it reduces climate-altering gas emissions  
  • it reduces the costs required to dispose of waste. 

From now on, composting also becomes digital with three key elements: 

  • A composter with a recognisable unique code  
  • Junker application  
  • the composters register

The composter will be equipped with a code that will enable dedicated services and offer the Manager/Administrator the possibility of remotely managing the households in the composters register. 

This will make it easier to use for users and also for the Manager/Administrator. 


Simply download the Junker APP on your phone, click on services and follow the instructions in the compost register area*. 

Thanks to the application, it will be possible to access the assembly instructions saving printed paper. 

In addition, you can consult the composting guide and a list of the main rules to follow.  

*If the municipality has joined