Containers for door-to-door collection

Italy is one of the most virtuous countries when it comes to separate collection. The door-to-door system made it easier to manage separate collection and helped to establish good practices. With right containers, always tidy and easy to clean, individuals commitment becomes easier and beneficial.


The Urba line containers for the door-to-door separate waste collection have an innovative shape, which allows to place them in the space of only one container, both indoors and outdoors, and facilitate waste disposal.


The Urba and UrbaPLUS containers are produced with recycled polypropylene, PSV (Second-Life Plastic) certified, from Separate Waste Collection, resistant to UV rays, chemical and biological agents and to severe weather.


The design of the lid allows piling up with other containers. Bayonet locking mechanism for watertight closure, with integrated silicone gasket, with embossed use instructions.

The locking system has a practical transport function.

The housing for the transponder (unique TAG) is in a protected position to avoid damage.


The body of the containers for door-to-door collection is particularly resistant to continuous use.

  • Solid lowered hinges facilitate the placement of the bag
  • The top edges secure the bag and prevent it from falling inside
  • Possibility to stack, pile up and hang up the containers. For a space saving solution, containers can be stably piled up
  • Smooth internal surface for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic grip on the bottom to facilitate emptying
  • The bottom is designed to optimize the use of the full volume
  • Rear and front handles are designed to facilitate one or two handed grip


The ergonomic handle acts as a lid holder, with lock in vertical position. The standard locking mechanism prevents animal interference and accidental opening of the lid.

It is equipped with a quick release with rotation of only 70° from the closed position.

Optional equipment

  • Hot stamping customization
  • The personalization of the containers is in-mould labelled on the body or on the lid
  • Transponder installation (unique TAG) and supply of the relevant database
  • Non-standard colours
  • Handle, lid and body can be supplied in the PROTECT version for higher hygiene

Available versions

Urba 30-35-40

The shape of truncated pyramid of the containers with a rectangular base is easy to place everywhere in the house, from the terrace to the garden, or even in the office.

Each container can be customized with an in-mould label on the body or on the door.

Urba Plus 30-40-45

The particular shape of the body and the two-doors lid make it easy to open the UrbaPLUS containers, even when stacked. The moulded lid avoids the stagnation of rainwater.

The full-length anterior door guarantees waste disposal even with staked containers; the opening towards the outside keeps the available volumetric capacity unaltered.


The Totem is a steel structure created to manage our containers UrbaPLUS.

It is made by modules of 3 containers and it can be fixed to the wall or anchored to the ground.

Its shape is perfectly functional for street sweeping and washing.

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