Recycling containers for nappies

It is estimated that nappies, diapers and sanitary towels make up about 4% of municipal solid waste, that is about 900,000 tons every year. Worldwide, we reach 30 million tons: a volume that covers almost 500 football fields.

Having access to a dedicated road station like ArcoPOINT, or being equipped with a special container, helps families with babies or other difficult issues that don’t have the possibility to manage the weekly collection.


Nappy is the container for the separate collection of nappies, diapers and other waste tending to create odour, also available in the PROTECT version, which allows totally safe and effortless disposal.

These compact and space-saving containers can contain a high number of diapers, isolating the odour produced.



Nappy is produced in recycled polypropylene, PSV (Second-Life Plastic) certified, from Separate Waste Collection, resistant to UV rays, chemical and biological agents and to severe weather.


The lid has a large front hatch and a 270° opening angle, with lower overall dimensions during disposal phase.

Hinged with attachment system, it can be easily replaced and is shaped to avoid stagnation of rainwater.

Provided with odour-lock filter, which can be set up on containers of different volumes.


On the body, lowered, solid hinges facilitate the placement of the bag and ergonomic grip on the bottom makes emptying easier

  • Customization is possible on the large front space
  • Smooth internal surface for easy cleaning
  • Provided with transponder (unique TAG) housing for emptying control


The ergonomic handle acts as lid holder with lock in vertical position and quick release with rotation of only 70° from the closed position.

Standard equipped with a solid locking mechanism, which prevents accidental opening or animal interference.

Optional equipment

  • Hot stamping customization
  • The personalization of the containers is in-mould labelled on the body or on the lid
  • Transponder installation and supply of the relevant database
  • Non-standard colours
  • Handle, lid and body can be supplied in the PROTECT version

Available versions


NAPPY is a practical and always useful container for families with a baby or with the need of separate diapers, mattress covers and other sanitary textiles. These are difficult fractions to manage. It is therefore even more important for families to be able to effectively separate this type of waste and it is essential for the utility to be able to support those who have this need.

Nappy is an effective support for families with babies or other needs. And it is much more: it is also a practical container for reusable nappies waiting to be washed, also ideal for those who make the eco-sustainable choice to use washable nappies.

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